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Birth and Trauma by baby chiropractor melbourne


The natural process


During birth, while the baby is squeezed and twisted out through its mother’s pelvis it is subjected to enormous compressive forces. This “squeezing” effect stimulates the baby’s reflexes so that it can live independently of its mother. The baby’s first breath infuses its lungs with life and expands their compressed body for life in the outside world. It also stretches and allows any tension within the joints and spine to be released having been scrunched up for so many months in a confined space.


Complications of birth


Birth doesn't always go as planned and when it becomes complicated and requires intervention there can be profound effects upon the baby. The effects of a traumatic delivery, possibly involving a ventouse or forceps extraction, a caesarian section or simply a very rapid delivery, may firmly imprint an effect upon the baby. This can lead to structural or functional imbalances and a wide variety of symptoms. At times even the most ideal delivery can overwhelm a baby if it is unable to release the physical stress and strains experienced at birth.


Doctors and Midwives do a fantastic job in delivering live, healthy babies and when it doesn’t go to plan and a baby needs intensive care then I am the first person who is thankful that such expertise exists. Baby chiropractors may have a role to play as part of the medical team in helping to ensure that the traumatic effects of birth are resolved in babies.



Caesarean section


A baby born by elective caesarian may not experience any of the normal compressive forces of birth whereas in an emergency section the baby may have endured significant compressive forces for some period of time before becoming distressed. The transition to extrauterine life is rapid and also the sudden pressure change as the uterus is surgically opened tends to shock the baby.


Breech presentation


A breech presentation when delivered vaginally, though very rare these days, may apply extreme mechanical forces to the baby’s legs and pelvis with the neck also being prone to strain. Even when delivered by caesarian section the baby may have sustained sufficient strain in the womb to have a lasting effect.


Forceps and ventouse extraction


When a baby gets stuck or the mother simply no longer has the energy to push it out forceps or a ventouse suction cap can be skillfully applied to give “a handle on the baby” to effectively pull it out. Sometimes during these deliveries a large amount of force is necessary which can inadvertently cause a locking effect between the delicate skull structures. In complicated cases the neck, shoulder or pelvis may be severely strained.


Effects of birth trauma and shock


In serious trauma there may be actual brain and nerve damage, broken limbs, distortion and bruising but thankfully such cases are rare and are usually treated by our medical colleagues. However baby chiropractic care may play a vital role in treating these babies.


We routinely treat children for the mechanical and compressive effects of birth and in particular for shock. Shock, or irritability that establishes itself in the baby’s nervous system, is a palpable quality recognised by osteopaths and is significant in telling us how a baby is responding to life on the outside. If the baby is able to release the shock naturally, which happens in most cases, over time no lasting damage is done. However, during this time the baby may be suffering and in distress.


Birth trauma and shock can be treated at any stage of life, but the sooner it is treated the faster and more complete the response. Baby Chiropractor Melbourne, Dr. Jim may play a vital role in helping newborn babies by releasing the retained traumatic effects of birth.

Disclaimer by baby chiropractor melbourne


Our health care approach to babies and children is  


- Holistic by baby chiropractor melbourne. We provide advice around diet, nutrition, naturopathic supplements, sleep habits and posture, sleep beds and pillows, back pack postural advice, standing and shoe advice and exercise, alignment and stretching.


- Complimentary by baby chiropractor melbourne. We believe our approach compliments the childs medical care and advice. If it is necessary we will refer to the family's family doctor.  


- Integrative by baby chiropractor melbourne, Dr. Jim. We love to work with other health care practitioners, be it a pediatric physiotherapist, dentist, child care worker etc. and educating the parents to be proactively involved in the childs health care program.


- We do not claim to cure conditions, but believe that some babies and children may benefit from our care by reducing the severity of their symptoms with our medically complimentary, holistic and integrative wellness approach.

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