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Chiropractor For Babies Melbourne - Jim Skivalidas


An initial visit within the first 4-6 weeks of life is highly recommended. This is especially relevant if there has been a history of prematurity, traumatic normal delivery, multiple birth or assisted delivery that includes forceps, vacuum extraction or caesarean section.


Normal birthing involves significant forces that are transmitted through the baby’s body. The upper region of the uterus (womb) contracts placing a downward force on the baby’s bottom, while the cervix and pelvic floor provide an opposing and resisting force, which controls the birth. Your baby is effectively compressed between the two structures as they make a gradual decent into the world. This is a normal mechanism and their anatomy is designed to absorb the stresses. Assisted deliveries pull on head and neck structures that are not designed for such forces. A common misbelief is that caesarean sections are safer and gentler. This is incorrect as they also use a distracting (pulling) force to deliver the baby (the baby is pulled out of a small incision by its head, bottom, arm or leg). Assisted deliveries may cause issues in the newborn not commonly recognised as relating to the birthing process.


If you are looking at this website you are probably wondering if your baby could benefit from seeing a Melbourne Paediatric Chiropractor. You may have already sought professional advice and been told that your baby is fine, but intuitively you know something is wrong.


I propose the following questions:


Does your baby have difficulty settling and staying asleep?

Does your baby sleep with their head always turned to one side?

Has your baby developed a flat spot on one side of their head?

Do they favour one breast during feeding?

Do they fuss and arch at the breast?

Is breastfeeding painful?

Is vomiting an issue?

Has your baby been diagnosed with silent reflux?

Do they appear to excessively squirm and grunt like they need to poo but cannot?

Is your baby constipated?

Do you believe your baby is excessively irritable despite being reassured by health professionals that their crying is normal?

Is your baby delayed in rolling, crawling or walking without any obvious reason?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we may be able to assist you.


Please spend some time looking at our website, and if you have any concerns or questions about your baby then please do get in touch as they can usually be helped. Dr. Jim is a caring, family orientated baby chiropractor. He is also equally skilled in treating children and adults too.


Dr. Jim, baby chiropractor melboune is based at the "Melbourne Chiropractic & Bedding Clinic, Wellness Centre" at 55 Rouse Street in Port Melbourne near Melbourne's CBD so please give baby chiropractor us a call on 9646 8600


We are here to help and you will be glad you called.


Dr. Jim Skivalidas


Baby Chiropractor Melbourne

Interest in musculoskeletal issues in babies and children