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Professional Interest in musculoskeletal issues in paediatrics. Low Force Chiro.

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Baby Chiropractor Melbourne Dr. Jim

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With highly trained paediatric chiropractors in our practice, it’s easy to see why we are the baby chiropractors Melbourne patients turn to for their babies’ well being.


At Melbourne Chiropractic Clinic, we provide specific chiropractic treatment for people of all ages. This means that our chiropractors are trained from the top specialists in the industry to provide specifically catered, delicate care for newborns and infants. You can trust our baby chiropractor melbourne to treat your baby with expertise, while taking meticulous care every step of the way.


Many people wonder why you would need to take a child to a baby chiropractor melbourne, let alone a newborn baby. It's a good question, but it must be said that your baby is not brand new when it is born; in fact it has been developing in the mother's womb for around 9 months. It may well be cramped up inside depending on how much room and how much amniotic fluid was in the womb.


There may be moments where the mother may even remember feeling her child sitting on her hip or in an awkward position whilst in utero. These internal environmental factors can all have an effect on your baby's spine and nervous system.


Then it all happens, the birthing process. This is a very important process in the development of the health of each baby; however it is a very traumatic event and as such it can affect your baby's spine.


In fact we find the most newborns and infants are brought to us due to pain behaviours such as inconsolable crying and settling issues/challenges, or for movement restrictions in the neck. Some discerning parents present their newborn for a check up to ensure that everything is functional from birth and to help maximise their child’s potential.


Some common indicators that there may be a problem are for example, a preference for your baby to face and sleep one way or reduced arm range of motion such as when dressing overhead.


As your baby grows into an exploring toddler, there will be many falls, bumps and knocks that can also compromise their function. As such, many parents are choosing to have their children checked periodically by trained baby chiropractor melbourne to give them the best chance at growth and development. Our aim is to maximise your child's function.



Dr Jim (Baby Chiropractor Melbourne) has had specific paediatric chiropractor training with Dr Neil (Baby Chiropractor) who is a renowned paediatric chiropractor, author and educator.



To know more or to make a booking with baby chiropractor melbourne, don’t hesitate to call us today on 9646 8600!

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