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Professional Interest in musculoskeletal issues in paediatrics. Low Force Chiro.

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Baby Chiropractor Melbourne, Australia

55 Rouse St, Port Melbourne

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Baby Chiropractor Melbourne Dr. Jim

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Assessing your baby with Baby Chiropractor Melbourne

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A baby chiropractor melbourne assessment of an infant includes a comprehensive history outline, a thorough physical exam including primitive reflexes, developmental milestones and a neurological evaluation.  


Our baby chiropractic melbourne assessment of your baby is very gentle, and we do as much work as we can while your child is as close to mum and dad as possible.  A careful assessment is made of the baby’s spine and joints as well as a thorough neurological assessment.  


The adjustment involves very gentle specific pressure onto the spine, utilising the same pressure you would apply to your eyeball.


Getting babies checked for subluxations as soon after birth, can make a difference not only to their lives, but also to the wellbeing of the whole family.


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